Simplify to get complicated

Simplify to get complicated

One of the features of pseudo-medicines is they often evolve to simpler and simpler forms.

Chiropractic, for example has a form that just works on the neck, NUCCA, named after the utterances of Curly.

Acupuncture is even more prone to simplification.

There is classic acupuncture with its innumerable points.

But there are forms that simply, like Wrist-Ankle acupuncture which only uses, well, just the wrist and ankle.

Some have it down to single point acupuncture. It works just as well as those high falutin multi-point acupunctures.

Sometimes instead of decreasing the number of points, acupuncture is simplified by mapping the whole system to a single part of the body: the hand, the foot or the ear.

Then the same process occurs: fewer and fewer points.

"Real" ear acupuncture is simplified to a few points and becomes battlefield acupuncture.

There are five specific points which are classically used, however many practitioners only use two.

Yeah. One finger in each ear so you cannot hear the poor wounded soldier scream.

And now we are down to one with daith piercing, where the piercing

passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix

And having the piercing helps for migraines. How?

And MD/PhD actually says, as if it makes sense, 

Sometimes headaches are a function of your brain so your brain is reflected in a particular part of your ear so you can actually use it to treat your headaches.


While proponents says daith piercing is effective, it is noted that the daith piercing point is not the classic auricular acupuncture point in the ear that is effective for headaches. Oops. And there is no ear point for outer ear pain. Probably too meta.

The correct point point for headache is actually in the foot.

If the headache is on the right side, she sticks the left foot with needles. If it is on the left side, she will stick the right foot.

Or one of 6 other acupoints that are allegedly effective in the treatment of headaches. 

Even when simplified to a few points, acupuncture remains complicated.

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