Celebrate Magic All Week

Celebrate Magic All Week

I have been quite ill with a viral syndrome since Tuesday. At least I thought it was a viral syndrome. As I was interminably whinging about my symptoms to my resident, she noted what I really had was a man cold, something her husband suffers from.

I had never heard of a man cold before, but a quick google revealed the truth behind the diagnosis. Man cold it is.

As a result I have watched a lot of television this week, especially the Masters. I remember as a kid we usually watched the last 4 holes of a golf tournament in low definition. Now? 18 holes of HD live golf.

The ads for the Masters are from Mercedes, IBM, AT&T and Pfizer. You can't have golf without an ED ad.  I think it is the law, or perhaps it says something about golfers. There are numerous ways you can view these commercials.  Corporate control of US culture. The issues of a consumer society. Economic disparities in the US.

I kept thinking about the infrastructure of science and technology that underlies these companies and and how incredible it is.  And what is required to show the Masters in the current format.

That is why it boggles my mind that next week is Homeopathy Awareness Week and the dissemination of magical medicine is accomplished by the cutting edge of the internet. So weird.  Shouldn't they stick with parchment and quill pens?  At least to be consistent with their understanding of modernity.

The support for homeopathy in some parts of the world defies rational explanation. Homeopathy is water. Just water. Besides thirst, there is no process for which homeopathy could work.

In my feeds I keep getting proclamations from the India and their Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) which makes the NCCAM look positively rational.

The Indian government is spending millions on worthless therapies in a country that desperately needs reality based health care. It is a criminal waste of money. Although, if India's major problem is overpopulation, I can think of few approaches than AYUSH to help the issue.

It is quite a contrast: the useful real science of IBM's (annoying) artificial intelligence and the promotion of the useless pseudo-science of homeopathy. I worry the latter better represents the human condition and is why Sisyphus is our logo.

Beware: It's World Homeopathy Awareness Week
Points of Interest 04/09/2016

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