Top Herbal Shill

Top Herbal Shill

I recognize that one mans ethical stand is another mans belly laugh. I have this somewhat old school, somewhat paternalistic, ethical approach to medicine. I think I have the responsibility to always put my patient first and that I have to give them the best reality-based therapy I can.

It is why I find the whole supplement industry slightly sleazy.

First, they offer products that are not proven to work.

Second, they take peoples money for products that are not proven to work.

And then they always do it with some version of the quack Miranda warning:

This/these statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Its all so suspect. I would think no self-respecting institution would participate in such questionable behavior. Good thing the Cleveland Clinic long ago gave up on being self-respecting a long time ago: Top hospital opens up to Chinese herbs as medicines.

First, they offering products that have no proof of efficacy.

Second, they are selling these to patients after an expensive consult:

Consultations are $100 and are not covered by insurance. Follow-ups are $60 and a one-month supply of herbal formulas costs on average about $100.

and finally, they are doing with their own version of the quack Miranda:

They are asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that “herbal supplements are not a substitute for a medical diagnosis.”

and all the ethical foundation of an Enzyte commercial:

Ms. Roofener’s license doesn’t allow her to claim she treats diseases, a Cleveland Clinic spokeswoman says. She can’t say that Chinese herbs will treat colitis, for instance, but she can say that she can stop diarrhea and pain. She cannot treat arthritis but can alleviate joint pain, the spokeswoman says.

The WSJ refers to the Cleveland Clinic as a ‘top’ hospital. Tops at what, I wonder.

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