Support Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine. Kill a Bear.

Support Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine.  Kill a Bear.

I have discussed before the adverse effects of Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine (TCPM) on the environment. TCPM uses a variety of plants and animals in its pseudo-medical armamentarium and their use is helping send some species into extinction.

Bears have it particularly bad. There is a belief, completely unfounded, that bear bile and gallbladders have healing ability.

So thousands of bears are kept in cages and their bile drained. It is animal abuse on a grand scale despite denials:

"The process of extracting bear bile is like turning on a tap: natural, easy and without pain. After they're done, the bears can even play happily outside. I don't think there's anything out of the ordinary! It might even be a very comfortable process!" said Fang Shuting the head of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012.

Such is the views of TCPM practitioners: having bile forcibly drained is fun! When Fang's gallbladder goes south, I suggest they use the same techniques on him.

But where there is a demand there will be those to supply that demand. 80,000 bears in the US are killed each year to meet the demand for nothing.

The bear parts trade is big business. Undercover investigations have revealed that a dried bear gallbladder can be worth as much as $30,000 and a single serving of bear paw soup can go for as much as $1,400. World-wide trafficking of bear parts is valued at $2 billion.

In Candida an acupuncturist and traditional Chinese pseudo- medicine practitioner was fined $22,400 for trafficking in Wyoming bear parts.

Evidently she wanted gallbladders to treat her sons neurological problem despite knowing it was illegal. She paid an undercover officer $750 for three bear gallbladders and four paws. She later had

a one-litre vodka bottle with greenish liquid inside — vodka infused with bear bile — a bag with a bear gallbladder inside, a shot glass and a plastic bottle. She measured out two shots of the infused vodka, put it in the plastic bottle and sold it to the (undercover) officer for $100.

Pretty good mark-up. It was at this point she was arrested.

"Exploiting protected wildlife for a business purpose in a way that subordinates the integrity of that resource and its place in our society reflects callous disregard for the harm that results from the offending."

That should be the motto for Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine.

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