Plus c'est la même, plus c'est la même

Plus c'est la même, plus c'est la même

There was an fascinating Huffington Post article called "27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History."

The pictures were not so much crazy as primitive. Photos of old X-ray examinations, ambulances and equipment.

I have been in medicine long enough, 36 years, that I have stories about how things used to be. I remember a time before CT's, MRI's, TEE, Helicobacter, HIV, third generation cephalosporins and on and on and on.

Medicine evolves and changes and it is a son of a gun to keep up. I go through 2000 titles a month looking for articles for my ID puscast, usually settling on 50 to read and perhaps discuss. For the decade I have been doing the puscast I have collected over 15,000 references taking up 6.55 gigs on my hard drive.

Pseudo-medicines are just the opposite. They never evolve and almost never change, except for the occasional mating of two pseudo-medicines to form a third.

If they were to show photographs of the practice of acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy, traditional Chinese pseudo-medicine from the same period, the fashions worn by the practitioners would be different, but the practice would be identical.

It you want to show 27 Crazy Images Of Pseudo-Medical Treatments, just take your camera to the local Integrative Medical Clinic or Naturopathy School. And, unlike the quaint photographs from the Huffington post, they would really be crazy.

For pseudo-medicine, the more things stay the same, the more things stay the same.

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