The UK has a Chance to Blacklist Homeopathy.

The UK has a Chance to Blacklist Homeopathy.

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I wanted to share with you some really exciting news from the Good Thinking Society in the UK. You may already know about our big campaign challenging homeopathy on the National Health Service (I know Harriet knows all about, as she sat through my presentation at QED!), but I am writing with news of a major development. Over the last year we've been working with a legal team to construct arguments we've put to the Department of Health to argue that homeopathic products should be added to the Schedule 1 'Blacklist', which would completely prevent any UK GPs prescribing homeopathy. The Blacklist contains 3000 products that are not allowed to be prescribed, and under all of the relevant criteria there is no lawful reason, we argued, that homeopathy should not be on the list. After much back and forth, including our very genuine threat to essentially sue the government over the unlawfulness of dismissing our proposals, the Department of Health have agreed to hold a consultation with a view to blacklisting homeopathy, and they'll be working with us on that consultation.

This is a huge and unprecedented opportunity to remove one of the cornerstones of NHS homeopathy funding, and we're delighted at seeing our hard work paying off with this progress. Details of the work we've done on this are here:

The news hit the media on Friday in quite a big way, with coverage in the Guardian, Times, Independent, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror and Buzzfeed, plus extensive coverage on the BBC. The full list of coverage can be found on our Media Coverage page, but some of the better articles include these:

- BBC News -

- Simon Singh debating Peter Fisher on BBC 2's Victoria Derbyshire show -

- Guardian -

We hope this coverage, along with the pressure we'll continue to put on the Department of Health, will help ensure the consultation (which is happening in the new year) is taken seriously and the outcomes are fair. They've appointed a Minister to run the consultation who has spoken very positively about the importance of evidence and effectiveness in medicine, so it looks very promising.

We'd really appreciate it if you have the opportunity to tweet/share/talk about one of the articles, a link to our site's coverage or a link to our donations page, as it will be very valuable to our small charity if we can spread the story as far as possible, as well as our central role in bringing this about. It really seems like this is the best chance the UK skeptical movement has ever had to dislodge homeopathy from our NHS, and with support from like-minded people I think we can make this happen.

All the best,


Michael Marshall

Project Director

Good Thinking Society

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