Point of Interest 10/19/2015

Why are placebos getting more effective?.

Doctor of What? In Israel, Some Practitioners of Alternative Medicine Buy Themselves a Title. For a little as $2,600 you can receive a degree in complementary medicine from the United States or India and put 'Dr.' in front of your name, without having to spend any time on campus


Immune Boost Bunk

The glycaemic outcomes of Cinnamon, a review of the experimental evidence and clinical trials.

Chiropractic and osteopathy – how do they work?

ChiroMatrix Announces New Affiliation With the Texas Chiropractic Association. ChiroMatrix, the leading website and online marketing company for chiropractic professionals, announced today its affiliation with the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA).

Oregon Naturopaths as Primary Care Providers: What...
Oregon moves to restrict naturopath and direct-ent...

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