Points of Interest 09/03/2015

Ordovician extinctions may have been caused by metals poisoning in oceans. To think ayurvedic medications are so ancient. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15598918

Why one naturopath quit after watching her peers treat cancer patients

Prominent Vaccine Denier Site Applauds Trump For Saying Vaccines Cause Autism. "On Thursday, the anti-vaccine website Natural News published an article cheering Trump for being "the only mainstream presidential candidate who's spoken out about vaccine-autism dangers.""

Muller talks in jail, while FBI listens – Vaccine isn't a good excuse

Going against the Herd: Psychological and Cultural Factors Underlying the 'Vaccination Confidence Gap'.. "From this we suggest that vaccination scepticism appears to be the outcome of a particular cultural and psychological orientation leading to unwillingness to engage with the scientific evidence."

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