Oregon Health & Pseudo-Sciences University

Oregon Health & Pseudo-Sciences University

Growing up my alma mater was University of Oregon Medical School. Since then it has undergone two name changes. First to Oregon Health Sciences University and then to the current Oregon Health & Sciences University, OHSU.

Perhaps they need one more name change, since they are not always that interested in the Science part of their name.

Some background.

Portland has a trifecta of pseudo-science schools: Naturopathic (National College of Natural Medicine), Chiropractic (University of Western States) and 'Oriental' (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Lucky us.

All three are steeped in pseudo-science and pseudo-medicine, removed from known reality. As examples, the naturopathic school teaches homeopathy, the chiropractic school the subluxation complex and the Oriental school acupuncture. Reading the curricula of the schools suggests that there is no pseudo-medicine stone left unturned.

In the 1980's OHSU received a grant to study low back pain in conjunction with the chiropractic school. As Cindy Lauper noted, Money changes everything.

Why worry about standards, reality, plausibility, and science when there is money to be had. The Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine was born, the OCIM.

The Collaborative was formally established in 2003 as the Oregon Collaborative for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as the result of a National Institutes of Health R25 CAM Education grant awarded to OHSU. UWS, OCOM and NCNM were all subsequently awarded follow-up R25 education grants.

With OHSU and Pacific University joining up with the troika to, among other plans, to become the integrative  Island of Doctor Moreau.

Standing beside the traditional MD/PhD or MD/MPH will be the ND/ MD, the MD/DAOM, the ND/DC, the ND/PhD, the DAOM/MPH and countless other combinations to build new vanguards of cross trained clinicians focused on inclusivity and collaboration

It is like the chemistry department at University of Oregon working with an alchemist, the astronomy department working with an astrologer, and the physics department working with a perpetual motion inventor. But for millions of dollars, why not?

As best I can tell they have wasted at least 1.5 million dollars in NIH money. That is a lot of money, and I am not at all shocked that standards fell before the onslaught of Benjamins.

The result of this money? Uncertain.

This section of our website is in development, please check back soon to learn about the enormous breadth of research that has been done and continues to be done in integrative medicine and health…

That is true, there has been and continues to be a enormous breadth of research in pseudo-medicine. Most of it poorly done and the high quality studies demonstrating no utility of the pseudo-medicines promulgated by the OCIM.

And now they are proud to announce a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

My motto: with you integrate cow pie into apple pie, the cow pie is not improved, the apple pie is made worse.

OHSU continues down the road to OHPSU.

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