Points of Interest 07/28/2015

poi 7.28.15

Cancer Sell. Documentary on Mexican Cancer Clinics. Excellent.

What It's Like to Go Through a Homeopathic Health Assessment

The 50 Most Zen Cities in America. ""Zendex" that combines the number of yoga studios and alternative medicine businesses per 10K people in cities with over 60K people. From these numbers, they determined the top 50 most zen cities in America."

In defense of alternative views on immunization. Support of teaching anti-vax. From a physics major no less. Read it and weep.

Bias and other limitations affect measures of journals in integrative and complementary medicine. "Today, the main problem with OA journals is that the market is flooded with fake journals, which prevents readers from distinguishing the real from the fake." Espcialy when the publish studies about fake medicine.

Homeopathic medicine: What's the potential harm?

A Visit to the Homeopath
Chiropractors Sneaking into Hospitals to Adjust Ne...

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