Chiropractors Sneaking into Hospitals to Adjust Newborns

Chiropractors Sneaking into Hospitals to Adjust Newborns

My new favorite quote: "The opposite of good is not bad. The opposite of good is good intentions."

There are a lot variations of the intent of that quote over at Goodreads such as

"The problem is that no matter how good your intentions, eventually you want to kill someone yourself."

I thought of this when I saw the headline More chiropractors sanctioned for sneaking into hospitals to treat babies.

Really. Sneaking into hospitals to snap the spines of babies. Scary.

The dangers of this practice has been discussed at Science-Based Medicine with A Touch to Fear: Chiropractic and the Newborn Baby

As one review noted Chiropractors

may advise that birth is a traumatic event for the spine and may be a primary cause of illness in children, and, therefore, recommend chiropractic realignment for the newborn infant.

Which is utter nonsense. But then, so is most of chiropractic when they suggest

A newborn baby needs chiropractic care just like they need sleep, nutrition and love.

And watch the video of chiropractic on a 4 day old. The baby knows no one should be messing with their neck like that and cries accordingly.

It is fortunate that children are plastic and harder to hurt than adults.


Chiropractor responders indicated three adverse events per 5,438 office visits from the treatment of 577 children. The parent responders indicated two adverse events from 1,735 office visits involving the care of 239 children.

with, say

We obtained a response from 133 physicians and 93 cases of complication were reported. Most of these complications were radiculopathies (69%). Approximately 50% occurred at the cervical level, less than 24 hours after SM with or without slight aftereffects in 68%. The incidence of vertebro-basilar accidents was 30 times higher than in published series

Although the nature of the pediatric survey makes under-reporting likely.

Still, there is something so horrible about the President of the Australian Chiropractors and 6 others surreptitiously snapping spines in the hospital. It is behavior completely divorced from medical reality and ethical standards. I know they meant well, but all pseudo-medical providers mean well. They road to hell and all that.

It was noted that

The six chiropractors sanctioned have been told to undertake ethics and professional development training.

As if that will help given the nature of chiropractic practice.

And I just have to wonder, did they wash their hands? I bet not. If they do deluded as to think newborns need adjustment I would wager germ theory is not high on their list.

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