Check it out: tracks state vaccination bills

Check it out: tracks state vaccination bills

One of the bright spots during the 2015 state legislative sessions has been the introduction of bills curbing or eliminating non-medical vaccination exemptions. Now there's a website that tracks this legislation:  It also tracks other immunization-related bills, like those requiring daycare workers to be vaccinated. Here's how they describe themselves: is a website provided by parents who who want to help others speak up for sensible science-based public health policy.

Sensible science-based health policy! That is a sight for sore eyes for someone like me, who regularly slugs through state bills granting naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and assorted quacks of one stripe or another the authority to do things that should never be allowed. Like calling themselves primary care physicians (all the better to discourage vaccination), or allowing them to diagnose and treat fake diseases, give people colonics, treat patients with homeopathic remedies (including homeopathic vaccines) or bruise them all over for no good reason. 

Why are the good people at doing this? Again, in their own words:

Vaccines save countless lives every day, and give every child the chance to grow up healthy. Unfortunately, a tremendous amount of misinformation is leading a growing number of parents to not vaccinate. This has caused a re-emergence of vaccine-preventable disease across the country. Several state legislatures have introduced bills to strengthen immunization rates. We need your action at the state level now – see how you can help by reviewing our current list of pending legislation.

If you want, they will send you updates as these bills move through the legislative process. 

I've added a link to on the Legislative Updates page, so you can be reminded to check for vaccination-related bills in your state after you finish checking up on all the awful CAM legislation that is pending.  You are checking Legislative Updates regularly, right?

Sensible science-based public health policy. If only all state bills could claim that mantle. Sigh.

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