Everything That is Wrong About Chronic Lyme in One Patient

Everything That is Wrong About Chronic Lyme in One Patient

Over at Science-Based Medicine I have two recent articles on the issues surrounding Lyme, chronic Lyme, and protecting Lyme literate physicians from responsibility for their creative medical practice. There are here and here.

But neither post do the treatment of chronic lyme justice. For that you need Suffering from the anguish of chronic Lyme disease, a case of horrible reporting about mind-boggling medical care.  It is one thing to write about these cases in the aggregate, it is quite another to see what happens to another human.


I will say up front that my opinion is based on the information in the report from the Toronto Sun. I lack access to the details of the medical record that may hide key information that would make the case seem reasonable.  It could all be horrible reporting.

I will also mention that I do not doubt that Ms Spencer is suffering. I just strongly doubt it is due to Lyme.

After being ill for 14 years, at age 21 she was diagnosed with Lyme.  How the diagnosis was made is not mentioned, although I suspect it was not based on standard Lyme testing.

She now

lives off Percocet


takes 70 pills and up to six needles a day (Canadian for injections),

She has had a PICC, a permanent IV, for over 560 days, is getting UV light therapy (SBM post) and iv glutathone.

At the cost of

$5,000 a month and they’ve spent $95,000 alone in the past one and half years. They’ve had to remortgage their home and obtain a line of credit for $75,000 to get Paige through the next 18 months… Dad Rudy, who is turning 60 this year, can’t afford to retire and their house is falling apart.

All evidently managed by

Kalpana Patel. I see her in Buffalo.

New York. The State that protects Lyme physicians from investigation based on their alternative treatments.

And the effect of all these therapies and money spent? As best I can tell from the report:

Paige Spencer can’t remember a day in the past six months when she didn’t feel pain everywhere in her body.

Some things speak for themselves.

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