Real Fake and Fake Real

Real Fake and Fake Real

I hope there is a special level of hell for those who make fake real medications. Fake real medicines kills people. Lots of people.

Each year, it’s estimated between 100,000 and 1 million people die from using counterfeit drugs.

It includes medications used to treat malaria, antibiotics and HIV medications and they are mostly sold in the third world:

According to a 2000 World Health Organization report, almost one-third of identified counterfeit drugs contained no active ingredient; and more than 20 percent either had incorrect quantities of active ingredients or contained the wrong ingredients. Other fraudulent practices included false packaging and high levels of impurities.


Malaria drugs at least are getting better.

No falsified drugs were found in either country. However, substandard drugs were found in 31% of samples in Cambodia and in 12% of samples in Tanzania.

Fake real medications is a huge problem and they need to be eradicated. Real fake medications, however, continue, supported or promoted by governments, medical schools and international organizations like the WHO.

There is still widespread use of homeopathy, 100% of which have no active ingredients.

And there are ayuvedic medications, which are often contaminated with heavy metals.

One-fifth of both US-manufactured and Indian-manufactured Ayurvedic medicines purchased via the Internet contain detectable lead, mercury, or arsenic.

And supplements, often containing little or none of the active ingrediants:

Of 44 herbal supplements tested, one-third showed outright substitution, meaning there was no trace of the plant advertised on the bottle — only another plant in its place.

So the secret to make a fortune legally is to manufacture and sell real fake medications. Just keep away from fake real medications.

But why one is legal and moral and the other is not, however, eludes me.

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