The Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism is over.

The Society for Science-Based Medicine had a full day of lectures and panels.

We started with 4 lectures, SBM by Steve Novella, Chiropractic by Harriet Hall, Integrative Medicine by David Gorski and Acupuncture by me.

The afternoon was a talk by Jann Bellamy on Legislative Alchemy, then two panels: placebo and questions from the audience. We finished up with Jeopardy and we did not keep score in case you were wondering.


It is hard to judge the audience response from backstage and from the podium with the bright lights obscuring anyone in the audience. No one ever comes up and says you were awful, but I think the program was well received and Jeopardy was the highlight. Well, almost. After lunch Jamy Ian Smith, the emcee, did a card trick (one of two) that was amazing. Even when you know there is going to be some slight of hand it was so flawless  I had no clue when it occurred. Nothing like seeing a master at work.

We finished the day with an SfSBM business meeting; thanks to those who were there. The main point of the meeting was that the Society is growing each month in terms of web traffic and members and that we have plans for continued growth. Thanks, as always, to all who have joined the Society. I also participated in a Media and Infectious Disease panel and Steve and Harriet on the DSM later in the meeting.

It was a good showing by the members of the Society. I remain of the biased opinion that issues surrounding science-based medicine are under-represented in the skeptical world and nonexistent in the real world. For example, I have yet to see the Infectious Disease Society of America have anti-vaccine lecture or workshop as part of our national meeting.

The venue was excellent as was the support by NECSS and their volunteers. My memory for names is sad, but the backstage speaker wranglers were a pleasure to work with. My only complaint is the one I always have: never ever enough time to accomplish everything I want to do.

At some point there will be a survey of the audience, so I will get the opportunity to know how we really did. I hope that this was a warm up for future meeting.

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