Haffkine Institute: Repudiating the Spirit of Your Namesake

Haffkine Institute: Repudiating the Spirit of Your Namesake

When I Google the Haffkine Institute, I find a venerable infectious diseases organization in India.

Operating since 1899, it is a solid ID institution with a long history of research and wide ranging interests in the diagnosis and treatment of infections diseases. They have dabbled in herbs and ayurvedic therapies, but mostly in vitro studies. Nothing to support a diagnosis of Clevelandclinicatosis. Until now.

Today the Haffkine Institute announced have left reality for planet homeopathy:

Haffkine Institute delved deep into the alternative medicine’s sub-chapters on nosodes—better known as homeopathic vaccines—to prepare an anti-TB concoction. “We are not experts in homeopathy but, as microbiologists, we understand the principles of infectious diseases,” said Haffkine Institute’s director Dr Abhay Chowdhury.

They most certainly do not understand principles of infectious diseases, since they are using nosodes to treat TB. Although the British definition of concoction is

“an untruth; lie

so at least the newspaper got it right, even if Dr. Chowdhury did not.

Nosodes are the “vaccinations” of homeopathy, infectious material from a patient diluted into nothingness. Like all of homeopathy, a worthless delusion, even though nosodes have been suggested to treat everything from Ebola to Smallpox.

Dr. Chowdhury points to a lousy study in the journal Homeopathy to justify this waste of Indian resources, time and money. A country beset with serious infections, they fritter and waste their hours in an offhand way.

The complete separation of homeopathy from reality did not stop the Haffkine Institute, who teamed with a magician, er, I mean homeopath, to come up a new nosode. They

took an old nosode prepared using the sputum of a TB patient as well as other microbiological samples of patients suffering from MDR-TB, and decided to rework it.

but not just any old reworking of tuberculous pus. No.

“Homeopathic medicines are prepared using the process of potentization or step-wise dilutions. We did the same but more scientifically by using molecular techniques...”

Science! I would love to know what molecular techniques were used in creating this concoction. They are now testing their magic water in mice before inflicting the nonsense on humans.

Waldemar Haffkine, after whom the Institute was named, was a remarkable and admirable human and man of science.

He is recognized as the first microbiologist who developed and used vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague. He tested the vaccines on himself. Lord Joseph Lister named him “a saviour of humanity”.

The polar opposite on Hahnemann.

I suspect Haffkine would be deeply embarrassed to see the nonsense undertaken by his namesake.

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