Medical Astrology? Who Knew?

Medical Astrology? Who Knew?

Not me. Even Orac hasn't written about medical astrology, and it has written about everything.   I have mentioned in the past that any two pseudo-medicines can be combined to form a third. The variations are endless and I have been unable to come up with a combination of my own that does not have a hit on Google.

Even more curious is the ability to combine real science (usually quantum mechanics) with a pseudo-science and invent a unique explanation as to how, as an example, homeopathy works.

Medicine can be combined with the strangest bedfellows. Little did I know that perhaps the oldest and most debunked of the pseudo-sciences, astrology, has medical applications.


In my email was a link to a medical astrology class.

This 10 week program will build from the ground up basic concepts for the practice of medical astrology.

10 classes, $300. Such a bargain when you consider I spent 9 years and thousands of dollars in my training. You might even get the chance to learn about

planetary tuning fork applications based upon the astrological chart in terms of anatomical correlations and harmonics.

Mr. Doo said it best

Medical astrology is evidently ancient, another mapping system where various parts of the body are associated with either astrological signs or planets. The newer (and even demoted) planets are included. I demonstrate my essentially immature sense of humor and note that Uranus is associated not with the colon (Moon, and not a planet) or elimination (Pluto, no longer a planet) but the parathyroid gland, neural activity and the aura.

I had to go looking in PubMed and found European medical astrology references that were all historical discussions. The history of medicine and astrology looks like an interesting topic to explore in more detail. There are no modern clinical trials on medical astrology in PubMed. Whew.

However, if something as ludicrous as homeopathy can show up in the medical literature, so will medical astrology, although it was the Indian form, which is obviously the wrong kind of medical astrology. That would be Mayan. How they could be so wrong eludes me.

Astrology and Ayurvĕda are inseparable sciences of life. Hence, in this article, a concise astrological evaluation related to health promotion, preventive and curative aspects of Astrology is being presented.


In a case where a physician is unable to understand the pathogenesis of the disease and to treat, the patient depends upon Astrology. Account of good and bad deeds during this life and previous lives, their consequences of health or ill health during this life which orderly, when, what and how will be clearly known through Astrology. It gives guidelines about welfare not only to human being but also to whole creation and also indicates about calamities and their solutions as possible extent. Hence a concise astrological evaluation related to prevention, health care, diagnosis and treatment of diseases is being presented in this article.

They evidently like that last sentence. Wandering the medical astrology sites on the web is curious experience. It is the most complex body of pseudo-knowledge I have found, perhaps due to the antiquity of astrology. It is weird even by comparison with other pseudo-medicines. But at least they have solved the cause all disease

I have developed a totally original approach to medical astrology. The fundamental premise is that the root of all major diseases in the life will be found in the Quadruplicities – Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable.

And here I thought that was a Who album.

I don't buy it, but then I am a Taurus, and

> Taurus is the sign of the skeptic.

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