Seriously? It's a BRUISE.

Seriously?  It's a BRUISE.

Sometimes I see an article and I have to double check that it is not from the Onion. The Epoch Times is not a satire publication (although their ad for seeing how acidic your body is gives me pause ) but they did publish Ancient Technique Scrapes Away Pain.

The article concerns Gua sha, yet another ancient Chinese healing pseudo-medicine where the skin is scrapped with a tool such as

something with a rounded edge that can be comfortably stroked across the body. Tools range from stones and bones shaped specifically for the job to large coins.


Gua sha is used to release congestion and stagnation of some sort or other to help the body heal itself from the usual hodgepodge of illnesses.

Look at the pictures with article.

It is a bruise from trauma.

Read the caption:

Gua sha raises dark marks that can be mistaken for tissue damage.

What? Are you nuts? It’s a BRUISE. It IS tissue damage.  Are you blind?

The Gua sha instructor says

“It looks like we are creating a bruise, or like we are breaking capillaries and causing some damage. What we’re actually doing is extravasating blood from the capillary bed,”

“extravasating blood from the capillary bed?!?!” That’s what BRUISE is.

Look at the results of an internet search for Gua sha. It’s bruising from trauma.

The most impressive denial of reality I have ever seen in years.

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