Points of Interest 8/8/2014

  • A Student Film Suppressed By Anti-Vaxxers Has Finally Been Released. ""It is a wonderful movie," says Dr. Trish Perl, an infectious-disease specialist at Johns Hopkins Medicine. "I would have loved it to be shown in my children's school.""

  • Could Chiropractic Manipulation of Your Neck Trigger a Stroke? Short answer? Yep

  • New Vaccine Misinformation Book Gets the Science Wrong. "A new and misnamed book co-authored by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, is filled with exactly the kinds of misrepresentations of facts and slippery slope distortions of research that sway people—often those who are most earnest about seeking information—away from the science."

  • Many autism treatments a waste of money"An autism conference in Melbourne on Friday heard parents were being bombarded with useless and sometimes dangerous ''therapies'' such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, which can cause seizures and lung problems if not used properly, and chelation - an intravenous infusion of chemicals designed to remove heavy metals from the body

  • Health History. 2014;16(1):66-86. Making theoretical principles for new Chinese medicine. It is commonly assumed that contemporary Chinese Medicine has an ancient lineage and its practice can be related in a straightforward way to medicine practiced in China for thousands of years. In this article, I argue that this impression is mistaken. What we currently call traditional Chinese Medicine is only sixty years old and it does not share the same theoretical principles to the ancient medicine of China (referred to as yi). Both yi and contemporary Chinese medicine practices use herbs and acupuncture methods, but yi is based on the principles of yinyang, wuxing whereas contemporary Chinese medicine is fundamentally based on western anatomical understandings of the body and disease, and notably, the two practices create different healing outcomes.

  • Ugeskr Laeger. 2014 Apr 28;176(9). pii: V12120749. Many patients are interested in receiving post-operative acupuncture.

  • Why worry about the measles outbreak? "We can't know for sure that the anti-vaccine movement, led by uninformed celebrities and discredited research, is the reason we are having such a terrible measles outbreak in the United States. But certainly it's not helping our children."

Hang 'em High: Cervical Manipulation and Stoke
Points of Interest 8/6/2014