Points of Interest 3/13/2015

  • Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers. You Just Brought Back Measles in NYC.  "Measles was considered eliminated at the turn of the millennium. Now it’s back, thanks to the loons to refuse to vaccinate their children."
  • Jay Cutler And Wife Kristin Cavallari Come Out As Vaccine Truthers Who Won’t Vaccinate Their Kids. "In an interview on the Fox Business channel on Thursday, former reality TV show star Kristin Cavallari said that she and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, won’t vaccinate their children over fears that vaccines may cause autism."
  • Homeopathy, Panaceas, And Reason. "A public mass overdose of homeopathic remedies has forced the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths to admit openly that their products do not contain any "material substances".
  • Does Holistic Medicine Work?. "Natural remedies do have their place in science. A diet consisting of nuts, fruits and vegetables can extend human longevity. In addition, medicine has its own term for finding a balance between the mind, body and soul. Doctors calls this “moderation.” In short: If one really wants to keep the doctor away, one would be best advised to listen to the health advice of an actual doctor."
Deluded Emergency Room