Points of Interest: 3/11/2014

  • Let's Restore Integrity to Health Care – Starting With Us. "I am writing out of concern for our profession, of which I have been a part for 35 years of practice...I am amazed that most people, after being cheated by a chiropractor, have enough faith to try again. And I hear horror stories on a regular basis of people who, even after another chiropractor helped them physically, were hurt by the dishonesty of the doctor."

  • Lundberg advocates for the rights of hippie parents. "Sen. Kevin Lundberg’s bill to allow parents to decide if their infants get treatment from alternative providers such as naturopaths got a first approval from the Senate today...I was offended last year and am still offended this year that we think a naturopath is unskilled to treat things such as teething,” she said." I guess the truth offends.

  • CAM with Cancer Treatment: More Harm Than Good?

Points of Interest: 3/10/2014