Points of Interest: 2/14/2014

  • The influence of social norms on the dynamics of vaccinating behavior for paediatric infectious disease. “Social norms can strongly suppress vaccine uptake despite frequent outbreaks, as observed in some small communities. Significant portions of the parameter space also exhibit bistability, meaning long-term outcomes depend on the initial conditions. Depending on the context, social norms can either support or hinder immunization goals.”
  • The acupuncturists won in Oregon, now they move on to Texas: Lawsuit claims getting acupuncture at a chiropractor is a public health threat. “Acupuncturists licensed by the Acupuncture Board must complete at least 1,800 instructional hours and complete at least two terms of a resident course from a reputable school to become licensed, according to the petition. They must study relevant subjects, including bacteriology, meridian and point locations, hygiene and public health.In contrast, the chiropractic board requires chiropractors to complete only 100 hours of acupuncture training to practice the procedure, the petition stated.”
  • Are there health benefits to magnet therapy or is it all hype? Hype. How does magnet therapy work? It doesn’t. As you say “though there appears to be little benefit to magnet therapy ” Are there reasons to avoid magnet therapy? It’s worthless.
A bit of disinfectant sunshine for Hawaiian naturo...