Points of Interest: 2/4/2014

Chiropractic ranks second on ‘Forbes’ magazine list. "In yet another indication that the profession is poised for continued success, chiropractic offices were recently second on a Forbes magazine list of the “20 most-profitable industries and their pretax margins.”"  Although chiropractors have highest student loan default rate of any first profession health care field, the actual rate is quite small, at about 1.1%.

Public editor: Homeopath’s advice needs to be balanced.  I might suggest that given homeopathy is not reality based, there is no need for balance, any more than you need astrologers in an astronomy report or alchemists in a story on chemistry.

Homeopath develops treatment based on personality.  Given what is in homeopathy, it is only used on people with no personality?

Health-care unions have blurred the picture with their opposition to mandatory flu shots.  Espcially since HCW flu vaccination probably decreases patient mortality.

On a positive note: You Are Not So Smart podcast 017: Alternative Medicine - Tim Farley

Points of Interest: 2/5/2014
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