Points of Interest: 1/15/2014


  • Emerson Ecologics awarded a grant last year to the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors to support its efforts to license naturopaths in that state.  The money was used to hire an additional lobbyist.  Emerson, which describes itself as "the leading distributor of over 275 brands of vitamins, supplements, and natural products" will award grants totaling $25,000 this year as well.  The grants "support projects and initiatives that improve, expand, or support the practice of integrative medicine."  Projects may include, among other things, legislative efforts. We can imagine the outcry if a drug company supported legislation aimed at, for example, loosening prescribing standards for their products.  Apparently there is a double standard when it comes to "vitamins, supplements, and natural products."


Filthy Lucre
How Medicine Advances Redux