"I’ve come to feel that mind-body practices, whether it’s massage therapy, chiropractic for a bad back, or meditative relaxation techniques should be part of chronic pain management."

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"As a patient, I wouldn’t want to go to someone who gave me a placebo."

"We found that we could split the public into three groups. The first, who we called the “disaffected”, comprise just under 30%. They are generally pessimistic about medicine, don’t see the value of science education and don’t believe in the efficacy of homeopathy either.

A second “conventional” group, accounting for just over 30% of citizens, are likely to be supportive and trusting of conventional medicine, reject CAM and value science education.

The third and largest group (just over 40% of the population) is the most interesting. This group is likely to have used CAM and to think that homeopathy is effective. Yet they are overwhelmingly trusting of medical doctors, value science education and are optimistic about medical advances. We call this group the “dissonants” (although they are unlikely to call themselves that)."