Simple Experiments

Simple Experiments

In 1996 the lack of a detectable heman energy field was demonstrated by a 4th grader, Emily Rosa, with a very simple experiment:

Rosa asked each of the practitioners to sit at a table and extend their hands through a screen. On the other side of the screen, Rosa randomly selected which of the TT practitioner's hands she would hold her hand over. The TT practitioners were then asked which of their hands detected Rosa's Human Energy Field. Subjects were each given ten tries, but they correctly located Rosa's hand an average of only 4.4 times.

As is so often the case, practitioners of pseudo-medicines fail once they are blind to the procedure. These practitioners are usually true believers and, as in the case of the martial arts, go as far as almost taking off their own arm. Not for the squeamish, including me.

Now practitioners of traditional Chinese pseudo-medicine (TCPM) are evidently going to be put to a simple test.


In China a real doctor has bet a practitioner of TCPM that he (the TCPM) cannot determine if a woman is pregnant 80% of the time by the TCPM diagnostic practice of feeling the pulse. The women will evidently be behind a curtain so the TCPM will have no other clues as to the state of the female.  A simple binary result, pregnant or not, by feeling the pulse and only feeling the pulse. Like the Rosa test, it will be simple and elegant. At stake is RMB 100,000.

The TCMP doctor wants even higher criteria:

Not only should we have to determine if they are pregnant or not, but we should also be able to determine how many days are left for a woman until her next period.

There is little in the medical literature about the nature of the pulse in TCPM and pregnancy. Supposedly it is a smooth pulse, described as

Comes smoothly flowing and uninhibited; feels smooth like pearls rolling in a dish. Beats come and go fluently and smoothly, feeling slick to the fingers.

I am going to make predictions about the results of the experiment.

  • The TCPM practitioner will fail.
  • The TCPM practitioner will come up with rationalizations as to why he failed and why the test is not valid. No bloody arm to refute it thus.
  • The TCPM practitioner will continue to use the method to diagnose pregnancy.
  • No TCPM will change practice as a result.

Same as it ever was.

Addendum, found after the above was written.

In a preliminary experiment he failed.  Blindfolded he could not identify a pregnant female.  Followed by lame excuse:

The diagnosis made by Chinese traditional medicine requires the use of all senses (ie sight, smell, sound, etc) to fully make a proper diagnosis.

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