More Extinction Due to TCM

More Extinction Due to TCM

I have mentioned before that one of my intellectual epiphanies was Connections by James Burke. The show, on PBS, gave me an understanding of how complex the interplay of history and science can be. Another, from around the same time, was the Shock of the New. I always found Cosmos dull in comparison, probably because it did not tell me anything I didn't already know. I have never revisited any of these shows, so my memories are 30 plus years old and probably unreliable. Unfortunately they are are not on Amazon streaming.

In part because of Connections, I look at medicine, and the rest of the universe as variations on Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo. One of the aspects of ID that I find endlessly fascinating is the interrelationships and the causes and effects that lead to infections. Those who read my ID blog at Medscape are aware of this predilection.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is particularly good at causing horrible downstream consequences. I have discussed the adverse consequences on the environment of TCM at SBM.

It continues with Chinese cuisine and medicine.

Fish bladders. Yes Fish bladders.

One bladder from the Totoaba macdonaldi fish can garner $5,000 in the United States and over $10,000 in Asia. The bladders are mainly used in Chinese food, like soups.

and the Totoaba fish bladder is thought to be a fertility aid as well as improve circulation.

Is there any reason to suspect that this particular fish bladder has a positive effect on any condition? No. Of course not. TCM is more often than not unconnected from reality. The Extinction By Traditional Chinese Medicine - An Environmental Disaster is not based on any rational, scientific, reality based reason. Like all of the destruction of the environment from TCM, it is based on nothing but fallible tradition.

Not only is Totoaba macdonaldi, the fish with the bladder of gold, being fished to extinction, but so is a porpoise, the vaquita, (Phocoena sinus) found only in Mexico’s Gulf of California.

Gill netting of the Totoaba macdonaldi is also catching, and killing, the vaquita, of which there are less than a 100 surviving.

scientists report that one in five vaquitas are drowning each year in the nets; the population is declining at a rate of 18.5% each year.

The vaquita will likely be extinct soon, and perhaps the Totoaba as well, gone due to the pseudo-medicine that is TCM, with other species soon to join the Black Rhino, gone in large part due to TCM.

The dark side of TCM is ignored by pseudo-medical proponents, since they are likely in the pocket of big TCM. The NCCAM and the WHO do not see fit to mention the extinction of animals and plants as a consequence of TCM, nor does the Natural News or the Mercola site, perhaps two of the more popular pseudo-medical sites on the web. As best I can determine, I cannot find a single proponent of pseudo-medicine exhibiting concern about the multiple pending extinctions due to TCM.

It appears that pseudo-medical proponents protect their own, even at the price of extinction.


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