That's so Oz

That's so Oz

I came across Debunking dangerous myths about vaccines in my news feeds.

Good advice. Review the vaccine status of you and your children and get up to date with vaccines because not only do you protect yourself, you protect others. They also suggest that you get a flu vaccine right at the beginning of the flu season.

The authors were Michael Roizen, M.D., and Mehmet Oz, M.D.

In Dr. Oz's own words (thank you Orac).

BEHAR: Well first of all, someone want to know there's a rumor that your kids did not get flu shots or swine flu shots is that right?

OZ: That's true, they did not.

BEHAR: Do you not believe in them for the kids or what?

OZ: No, I would have vaccinated my kids but you know I – I'm in a happy marriage and my wife who makes most of the important decisions as most couples have in their lives.


OZ: Who absolutely refuses. And listen the kids are pretty healthy. We actually think two of them caught swine flu very early on anyway. So there's no point vaccinating them again.

and he worries about toxins

BEHAR: What do you, on that same subject, what do you think about this controversy that's going around about vaccinations and autism and other little things that happens to kids?

OZ: I think kids like the canary and the coal mine. That they are more susceptible to some of the toxins maybe our generation was able to overcome. That's why we have a lot more allergies now. Perhaps one of the reason why we have more autism. But I don't think it's just the vaccine.

and he frets about too many too soon

OZ: Although, I don't want to ignore the potential role they have. So what we do with our kids is we spread the vaccine out.

As to the flu vaccine Dr. Oz said in an interview Anderson Cooper, that while he was required as a condition of employment to get the H1N1 vaccine his wife and children would not get the vaccine.

"You can never know for sure if a vaccine, especially a new one, is completely safe".

These statements were from 2009, so I suppose he could have had a change of heart. If so, I could not find any quote on the internet.

So when they say

When children don't get vaccinations, it endangers their health and everyone else's.


So before you refuse (or skip) a vaccination, get the facts from us.

I think, if you talk the talk you should walk the walk. Otherwise it is safe to conclude you are not to be trusted.

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