Points of Interest 05/14/2017

The effectiveness of long-needle acupuncture at acupoints BL30 and BL35 for CP/CPPS: a randomized controlled pilot study. The needles are pushed in 75–90 mm and electricity applied.

"Placebo effect is probably what we refer to as patient healing power": A qualitative pilot study examining how Norwegian complementary therapists reflect on their practice.

Not being able to paint is like dying – Buffalo. ""I am not too keen on alternative medicine but they said let's try and we did. Perhaps things would have been different if we had persisted with medical treatment," the artist said. The talented artist has been incapacitated and has since been unable to express himself creatively."

Health Secretary Tom Price Favors 'Faith Based' Approach To Opioid Crisis 

FDA shouldn't recommend "chiropracty" for pain
Points of Interest 07/07/2017

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