Get to Know Beatrice Vio on World Meningitis Day

Get to Know Beatrice Vio on World Meningitis Day

There is no end of people at their worst. They are everywhere. They troll the internet, are interviewed on Tucker Carlson, or run countries.  They seem to dominate media.

Then there are those people who give you hope that mankind doesn't always have to be  a worthless sack of garbage.

There are people with courage that I can only hope I would display given similar situations.

I give you Beatrice Vio, who lost her arms and legs at age 11 to meningococcal disease, a vaccine preventable illness and who is now a champion fencer.

She is currently on the cover of the Italian Rolling Stone encouraging vaccinations in a county where vaccine avoidance is leading to a large outbreak of measles.

She knows that price than can be paid to vaccine preventable illnesses

"I know how my parents suffered," she told Rolling Stone. "So I say to every mother: Vaccinate your child, not for himself, but for yourself. Do you really want to suffer so much? If the population was vaccinated, meningitis would be eradicated. How can you not want it? How?"

Today is World Meningitis day. I cannot recommend enough this photo of Beatrice with similar pictures of others here and here who have suffered the consequences of meningitis. And who can still smile, excel and be a badass.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. And a few tears.

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