Iron Researcher. Whose Pseudo-Science Reigns Supreme

Iron Researcher.  Whose Pseudo-Science Reigns Supreme

India has a tremendous amount of pseudo-medicine.

They have a entire ministry devoted to pseudo-medicine, AYUSH, the Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.

They have national Institutes devoted to these pseudo-medicines.

India has 207 homeopathic colleges and colleges for naturopathy and yoga.

Ayuvedric pseudo-medicine is a point of nationalistic pride, much like Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine is for the Chinese or Traditional Korean Pseudo-Medicine is for the Koreans.

Much like cheeseburgers and loneliness, national pride and traditional medicine can be a dangerous mix.

I have described integrative medicine as mixing cow pie and apple pie, the Indians have taken the concept literally. There is an Indian nostrum called panchagavya, which is a drink made of cow urine, dung, milk, yogurt, and clarified butter.

Panchagavya is the wonder drug that works wonders, not only used for numerous diseases from infection to cancer, but also as a fertilizer, a pesticide and in cosmetics.

With little plausibility for medical benefit based on ingredients (I suspect it would make a good fertilizer), there is no reason to suspect efficacy. Despite that, the Indian government plans to 'validate' panchagavya because, as the Indians Science (!?!) minister notes:

the truth is that panchagavya is very strong and very powerful

and they intend

to show to the world the supremacy of Ayuvedra.

Science as Iron Chef. Somehow I suspect they will get the validation they desire but not with good science.

China beware. India looks like they intend to be your rival for the production of worthless pseudo-medical studies.  I wonder who will reign supreme?

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