Training in Internal Medicine is 7 years (4 in Medical School, 3 in residency), about 19,000 hours. It takes another 5600 hours, an extra two years, to be an ID specialist, assuming an 8 hour day I do not think I ever worked in my life.

Not a single student is even remotely ready to take care of patients after 4 years of medical school much less after a year and a half. It is why we have residencies: so we can learn from our elders and (hopefully) betters how to care for the sick.

Even after residency and fellowship most doctors are competent, but it takes another 5 or 10 years to get good.

It is sobering to find notes you wrote early in your medical career. Who was that guy?  Not me. Even in practice most of us have ongoing interactions with more experienced clinicians. I still talk over the difficult cases with my more knowledgeable colleagues.

It is scary that DC's and ND's leave school and go directly into practice to literally do that: practice. Because they certainly do not have the experience or training to care for ill people. And they want to be primary care doctors?