Gloria Thomas Memorial Week

Gloria Thomas Memorial Week

Tomorrow, June 14th, starts homeopathy week in the UK. They are going to have a focus on skin care.

It should be the Gloria Thomas Memorial week. She was the 9 month old with severe eczema who died from infectious complications, having only received homeopathic therapies from her parents.

By the time she died, she was the weight of an average three-month-old, her body was covered with angry blotches and her once black hair had turned completely white…The pathologist who did the autopsy, Ella Sugo, said she had sought advice from experts outside Australia because she had never seen a child so malnourished and her condition was at a level more commonly observed in third world countries.

Parents who would so assiduously pursue an obviously failing therapy must have other issues beyond a belief in homeopathy to allow they daughter to waste away and die. But the case is a powerful example of the efficacy of homeopathy.

Would homeopathy have been expected to work? Those reading this probably already know homeopathy is literally nothing but water. But the fact that homeopathy is no more effective than placebo,  has not prevented clinical trials.

Homeopathy doesn’t work for eczema:

The evidence from controlled clinical trials therefore fails to show that homeopathy is an efficacious treatment for eczema.

And has homeopathy not been found to be effective in any skin condition

Reviewed trials of homeopathic treatments for cutaneous diseases were highly variable in methods and quality. We did not find sufficient evidence from these studies that homeopathy is clearly efficacious for any single dermatological condition.

Which is no surprise, since homeopathy has no effect on any disease.

There is no reliable evidence that homeopathy can treat health conditions, a major review of the practice by the National Health and Medical Research Council has concluded. Australian experts in evidence-based medicine were asked by the NHMRC to review published systematic reviews of homeopathy and government reports on homeopathy which covered more than 60 conditions including asthma, eczema, lower back pain, nausea, depression, malaria and HIV.

Useless for all diseases. And fatal for some.

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