Flaming Groin

Flaming Groin

”The little girls laughed about the germs, because they didn’t believe in them; but they believed about the disease, because they’d seen that happen. Spirits caused it, everyone knew that. Spirits and bad luck. Jack had not said the right prayers.“ Oryx and Crake

I long ago gave up on the idea that there is a finite number of pseudo-medical interventions. Anything a human can think of will probably be used as a medical intervention. I remain amazed at the permutations that occur in the pseudo-medical world, not unlike the mix and match bioforms in Oryx and Crake.

Not everyone (I suspect most) do not have an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology that allows understanding of disease. Instead, people often rely on metaphor and magic for their understanding of diease and treatment.

Sexual problems? Rhino horns could help. What makes blood flow? Heat. So why not set your crotch alight with Fire Therapy?

He said: “It is all about keeping blood flow moving rapidly. The warmth from the burning towels speeds the blood through the body and it makes me perform 50% better in bed.”

The accompanying photo is a prelude to a What’s the harm? entry.

Fire therapy is another permutation of moxibusion in tradional Chinese medicine and

is much more advanced and powerful than Moxibustion.

Of course it is.  Johnny Storm never became ill. It’s alleged mechanism of action is because

All health problems relate microcirculation deficiency. At capillary level, the blood become stagnate, then toxin will be cumulate, using Fire Dragon Therapy can improve the microcirculation and to remove stagnate toxins.

Like most pseudo-medicines, there is no process for which fire therapy cannot be used, including as a beauty aid.

General fire dragon therapy can help cure the following disorders: Indigestion, low metabolism, low temperature, melancholy, pain caused by stress and tension, insomnia, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stomach distension, vertigo, hiatus hernia, benign tumors, cold bile disease, joint pains, arthritis, bone deformation, joint inflammation, superficial fever (empty fever), post-menopause syndrome and nerve inflammation (sciatic nerve, neurological disorders, etc.). In short, fire dragon therapy is good for diseases which manifest from phlegm and wind humoral disorders.

Plus, you can roast a few marshmallows while you wait.  One of the few pseudo-medical therapies where you make s'mores during the treatment.

It is the alcohol vapor, not the liquid alcohol, that is burning so as long as it doesn’t ignite the clothes or the environment, it poses little risk. But it sure looks stupid to me.  I stick with a hot pack.  As the Doubtful News suggested, Goodness, gracious, great balls a fire.  So many opportunities for bad puns.

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