What does DC, ND and ABIHM have in common?

What does DC, ND and ABIHM have in common?

You might remember a few weeks back the brouhaha over the antivaccine screed by the Cleveland Clinic's Daniel Neides, M.D., medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Dr Neides is part of the staff the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine staff, purveyors of a wide variety of pseudo-medicines.

As an aside, I wonder what the appropriate disciplinary action was for his transgression. It has been a month, and so far nothing. I suspect we will never know but I suspect they were upset not so much by the antivaccine screed but publishing outside of proper channels. Looking at the Cleveland Clinic their pseudo-medical clinic is going full bore, their DC, LaC, and energy medicine/reiki programs suggesting no real change has occurred.

But perhaps Dr. Neides is an outlier, not representative of those who specialize in integrative medicine. While crank magnetism (the tendency to accumulate more crank beliefs over time.) would appear to be the parsimonious explanation for the standard make up of an integrative medical clinic, it doesn't mean that a given crank idea is necessarily representative of a whole medical specialty a form of crank homeopathy, like attracting like.

Except that it does: Vaccination Attitudes and Practices of Integrative Medicine Physicians. which evaluated

the attitudes and practices regarding vaccination of members of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

They surveyed

(1) use of and confidence in the vaccination recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and of medical-specialty associations, 

(2) confidence in the manufacturing safety of vaccines and in manufacturer's surveillance of adverse events, and 

(3) attitudes toward vaccination mandates.

And it wasn't purty.

Integrative medicine physicians were less likely to administer vaccinations than physicians in traditional allopathic medicine. 

Among the 44% who provide vaccinations, 35% used alternative schedules regularly. 

Integrative medicine physicians showed a greater support of vaccination choice, were less concerned about maintaining herd immunity, and were less supportive of school, day care, and employment mandates. 

Toxic chemical and viral contaminants were of greater concern to a higher percentage of integrative medicine physicians. 

Integrative medicine physicians were also more likely to accept a connection between vaccinations and both autism and other chronic diseases.

Looking at the courses of the AIHM, they offer Vaccines: Searching for the Middle Ground, a title that is not a ringing endorsement, by a Dr Patrick Hanaway whose practice website suggests they are not an enthusiastic  proponent of vaccination.

But then, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has ABIHM in her title. That says it all. You can often judge an organization by its members.

When you think ND or DC, it also suggests an anti-vaccine practice primarily informed by pseudo-science. Add ABIHM to the list. 

ABIHM are the ND's of MD's.

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