Cleveland Clinic Needs to Give Dr. Neides a Bonus

Cleveland Clinic Needs to Give Dr. Neides a Bonus

There has been a brouhaha over the blog entry of Dr. Daniel Neides.

It has been suggested that because of his dangerous and unfounded anti-vaccine rant that he should be fired and the Cleveland Clinic has suggested they are considering "appropriate disciplinary action".

His job at the the Cleveland Clinic? Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.

The Wellness Clinic includes Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Energy Therapists including reiki practitioners.

They suggest energy therapy works by

promoting balance and flow in the body's electromagnetic and subtle energies, health and well-being are improved.

They offer

Breath therapy is a natural healing method that uses high vibrational energy to reduce stored emotions and past trauma that may contribute to disease. This type of therapy allows the patient to re-introduce breathing as a way to heal and restore the body, mind and spirit and activate healing agents in our body and soul. 


Rebirthing breath is based on the belief that trauma suffered during birth has a deep effect on the psyche and can shape perception and experience in life. This form of conscious connected breathing can help release negative emotions and beliefs that may create toxic patterns in the body.

They use acupuncture to

to balance the flow of Qi and stimulate our body's natural ability to heal.

and find that acupuncture is, like chiropractic maintenance, most profitable, er, I mean

most effective with regular and frequent treatments.

They sell the 30 day detox box body anew, a homeopathic product, as well as the Yogibo Ms. bliss aroma blanket,

An incredibly soft blanket, combined with the calming scenes of aromatherapy.

The Cleveland Clinic, in a non-ironic post-truth statement said

Cleveland Clinic is fully committed to evidence-based medicine. Harmful myths and untruths about vaccinations have been scientifically debunked in rigorous ways.

I would suggest it is the fundamental job of Dr. Neides is to promulgate harmful myths and untruths about the wide variety of services offered the Wellness Clinic for the financial gain of the Cleveland Clinic.

It is the fundamental job of every Director of every Integrative Medicine Program at every hospital system in the US.

Do you bench Russel Westbrook for a triple-double? Do you take away the players card of Dustin Johnson for winning the US Open? No. When someone excels they should be rewarded.

Within the context of the underpinnings of Integrative Medicine clinics, Dr. Neides excelled. He spouted harmful myths and untruths about vaccines.  I expect the result will be more, not fewer, appointments for the Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Neides deserves a bonus, not opprobrium, from the Cleveland Clinic. 

Whether the Cleveland Clinic admits it or not, it is what they are paying him for.

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