How can you tell if a Naturopath is promulgating gibberish?

How can you tell if a Naturopath is promulgating gibberish?

The answer is similar to the old saw, how can you tell if 'x' is lying? Their lips are moving.

In Oregon ND's can be primary care physicians. Given the ND education and training, this is little short of making the minimum requirement for patient care the possession of  a Doctor Play Set.

Our ND Play Set is filled to the brim with all the essentials a young ND needs. The case includes a stethoscope, thermometer and more. We have a feeling they'll have plenty of ND house calls.

And now Pennsylvania is licensing their ND's. As is often the case, ND's try and emphasize that the homeopathic amounts of reality-based they receive are somehow equal to a real medical education. It isn't.

People may be startled to learn that qualified naturopathic doctors complete four years of graduate-level education, similar to educational requirements for conventional medical students.

I would be startled indeed after reading the Naturopathic Diaries and ND papers describing ND education and practice.

Pennsylvania wanted quality control as they were

" … seeing crazy things people were doing with no basis in science, and they were doing harm," said Michelle Lee, 61, of Peters, who'd sought help from so-called naturopaths.

It is those so-called ND's, not real ND's, who were doing crazy things with no basis in science.  They wanted to 

protect the public by confirming that naturopathic doctors meet all educational and professional standards.

The problem is, doing crazy things with no basis in science defines naturopathic education, training and practice. They prove it with every website and article.

For example COLUMN: Live blood analysis.

Live blood analysis is, in my opinion, rank pseudo-science. It has no basis in reality-based medicine, and so is perfect for naturopathic practice.

In three paragraphs we learn that

The body's pH level is affected by stress, the food you eat and many other factors. By noting and viewing signs of cellular acidity one can make a greater effort to change their lifestyle, just one small step at a time. Some signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be noted while looking at the red blood cells. 

Oxidative stress and toxicity have a way of showing up on live blood analysis.

All Live Blood Analysis nonsense. 


Lymphatic system can be viewed on the dry blood analysis and therefore it is of utmost importance to sweat more and buy yourself a mini trampoline for Christmas. When you jump on the trampoline it allows the valves in the lymphatic channels to open and close freely to help rid the body of waste.

There are nouns, verbs, articles and other parts of language that when combined result in no content that maps to a coherent reality-based understanding of how the lymphatic system works or how the body rids itself of waste.

Doing a four-day pH test (call the office for details) will give you an idea of your overall pH level as the urine and saliva pH are measured.

Also known as a waste of time and money on diagnostics that are worthless outside the fantastical alternative world that is naturopathy.

On the Facebook page is a picture of red cells with some schmutz that is always on a slide. It is dirt. It should be ignored. Nope.

Live blood analysis showing crystals, digestive disturbances and a need for a lymphatic and bowel cleanse.

No ND's doing crazy things with no basis in science here. Oh no.

But in Oregon and Pennsylvania? Licensed medical practitioners.

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