Points of Interest 1114/2016

Points of Interest 1114/2016

Meet Jun Mao, MSK's Chief of Integrative Medicine. Quackademia continues apace.

Three arrested after grandmother dies during a Chinese 'slap therapy' course: Diabetes sufferer, 71, did not take her insulin because she 'had faith' in the alternative medicine. "'toxins' causing illness can be eradicated from the body by hard, repeated slapping and painful stretching on a bench"

J Occup Med Toxicol. 2016 Nov 8;11:49. eCollection 2016. Alternative drugs go global: possible lead and/ or mercury intoxication from imported natural health products and a need for scientifically evaluated poisoning monitoring from environmental exposures. "there is evidence on a distinct toxicological risk with alarming low awareness for a possible intoxication which prevents potentially life-saving diagnostic steps in affected cases."

What is good for the drake isn't good for the hen.
Same tired anti-vaxer tropes successful before Vir...

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