Homeopathy: Killing People Now or Killing People Later

Homeopathy: Killing People Now or Killing People Later

Homeopathy occasionally kills people.

Usually it is death by omission. The patient has a disease that requires real medicines like a streptococcal infection and instead gets homeopathy.

The result is death

The family of a Calgary woman facing criminal charges in connection with the death of her seven-year-old son say they're in shock over the allegations of neglect. The boy, Ryan Alexander Lovett, died last March after suffering from a strep infection which kept him bedridden for 10 days. Police allege his mother, Tamara Lovett, 44, chose to treat the bacterial infection with homeopathic herbal remedies instead of taking him to a doctor. That decision likely killed the child, police say.

and it seems to be children who suffer

She had died within three days of sepsis (bacterial infections) which had caused bleeding in her lungs and airways.

Her father, Thomas Sam, who practised and taught homeopathy, had applied homeopathic remedies to try to cure Gloria's eczema since she was diagnosed with it when aged about four months, he said.

Now there are is a worry that a teething product may have killed 10 infants

Other than death, the 400 "adverse effects" included seizure, lethargy, constipation, fever, tremor, shortness of breath, vomiting, sleepiness, agitation and irritability. They were available through CVS, Hyland's and other sources, according to the FDA.

The product contains Belladonna also known as deadly nightshade, at Belladonna 12X which is diluted 1:10 12 times, so there could be some deadly nightshade in the product. You have to get to 12C (12 1:100 dilutions) before all molecules of the substance are gone.

The company denies they have a problem

There is NO scientific link between homeopathically-prepared belladonna, or Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets, and seizures . In fact, the first symptom of an overdose of homeopathic belladonna would be dry mouth.

As if a teething baby is going to complain of a dry mouth.

But homeopaths are looking to the future. They want to make more corpses.

…epilepsy is not only about causing danger to the health and safety of the one suffering from it. Epilepsy can also ruin relationships, endanger driving and affect one's performance.

So lets offer homeopathy, 10 different kinds depending on the seizure type, the phase of the moon and whether there are "scrofulous and rickety subjects." To answer the question in the headline

What's the Role of Homeopathy in Treating Epilepsy?

I would answer an early funeral.

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