Points of Interest 10/12/2016

A LOOK AT INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE IN FLORIDA. "Stan Welch, a regular patient at Dr. Monhollan's center, said he pays about $1,200 for a series of chelation treatments every couple of years. He believes in it, along with eating only whole foods and fasting now and then."

Homeopathic Teething Products Might Have Killed 10 Kids Update

Good Effects Of Homeopathy. "homeopathic medicines are purified forms of natural extracts." What?

The 'Swiss Agent': Long-forgotten research unearths new mystery about Lyme disease

How to Treat Your Pain Without Drugs. From Time magazine. "If acupuncture were a drug, we'd say the drug works." Um, no, quite the opposite.

Vaccine Trial, Funded by Anti-vaxx Group, Finds No Connection to Autism in Monkeys.

Points of Interest 10/13/2016
Applying Science to Fiction: Hyperspectral Imagin...

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