Not the Beastie Boy album.

I am a fan of vaccines. It could be a toss up as to what has saved more lives: vaccines or plumbing. Since I cannot readily find a number for lives saved from clean water, I’ll go with vaccines. They have remarkable benefits:

A greater than 92% decline in cases and a 99% or greater decline in deaths due to diseases prevented by vaccines recommended before 1980 were shown for diphtheria, mumps, pertussis, and tetanus. Endemic transmission of poliovirus and measles and rubella viruses has been eliminated in the United States; smallpox has been eradicated worldwide. Declines were 80% or greater for cases and deaths of most vaccine-preventable diseases targeted since 1980 including hepatitis A, acute hepatitis B, Hib, and varicella. Declines in cases and deaths of invasive S pneumoniae were 34% and 25%, respectively.

I was sent a copy of the abstract Vaccination Attitudes and Education in Naturopathic Medicine Students from The International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health (IRCIMH).


Sobering results:

However, the vast majority (96%) reported that they would recommend a schedule different from the standard CDC-ACIP schedule. Concerns identified by respondents included vaccines being given too early (73%), too many vaccines administered simultaneously (70%), too many vaccines overall (59%), and concerns about preservatives and adjuvants in vaccines (72%). About 40% reported a healthy diet and lifestyle was more important for prevention of infectious diseases than vaccines. 90% reported that they were more critical of vaccines than mainstream pediatricians, medical doctors, and medical students.

If ignorance bliss, they must be happy indeed. As they say in the conclusion:

Attitudes surrounding childhood vaccinations are highly nuanced, with potential public health implications.

Since when has ‘nuanced’ had the same meaning as ‘profoundly ignorant’?

ND’s are a group clamoring to be licensed by the state and act as primary care provides. I have written on Naturopaths and their wish to be primary care docs. I agree with the potential public health implications. 

Be it homeopathy, acupuncture or even vaccines, their understanding of reality-based medicine is deeply lacking and they do not have the training or knowledge to prevent or treat real diseases. Their understanding of childhood vaccines is yet another example of their lack of medical proficiency.  They are licensed to ill.