Points of Interest 07/05/2016

New law lets physical therapists 'needle' clients. They use gloves!!!

Private chiropractic college granted degree powers. Get a degree in pseudo-medicine.

Urine therapy is a piss-poor Chinese medicine. "I've never tasted my own urine, so I was a bit shocked to read that there are over 100,000 devout followers of urine therapy in China. Every morning across our nation, while most of us sip tea or coffee, there are many others sipping a nice warm cup of body waste. It makes me gag to think about it."

Donald Trump Is Turning Republicans Into Anti-Vaxxers Study after study has shown no link between anti-vaxxers and party affiliation. Until now.

Supplement Interactions Linked to Psychotic Symptoms

New Study Reveals 99% Doctors Have Recommended Natural Remedies for Children

The Onion Becomes Reality for UTI Prevention
Points of Interest 07/03/2016

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