Points of Interest 06/15/2016

Vulnerable children undergo alternative medicine treaments, but CYF refuses to give details. "Convicted sex offender Frank Russell Walmsley was given permission to be alone in a room with a girl he allegedly abused to perform a form of alternative medicine known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)."

Australian anti-vaccination 'Jedi Doctor' to front NZ court

Auricular Acupuncture. "Auricular therapy includes acupuncture, electroacupuncture, acupressure, lasering, cauterization, moxibustion, and bloodletting in the auricle. For 2500 years, people have employed auricular therapy for treating diseases, but the methods have been limited to bloodletting and cauterization. Only after 1957 did the international scientific community become aware that the map of the ear resembles an inverted fetus; its introduction has led to auricular acupuncture (AA) becoming a more systemic approach…"

The Blob can be stopped
How are supplements like heroin?

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