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Products without Chemicals: Cosmetics Join Homeopathic Products at CVS

In my feeds I received CVS Health Takes Major Step to Address Chemicals of Consumer Concern:Parabens, phthalates and the most prevalent formaldehyde donors will be removed from extensive line of store brand beauty and personal care products.A full list of the forbidden chemicals can be found here.Parabens are a preservative found in a variety of pr...
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Top 10 US Hospitals. Marching Away from Science

This Saturday will be the March for Science. I hope to attend in Portland if I am not too busy with call.I was curious how the premier medical institutions in the US are responding to the March and compare it their use of pseudo-science.What follows are the top 10 US hospitals according to US News and World Reports. Are they supporting the March? A...
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Colorado naturopaths' talking points a perfect example of why they shouldn't get practice expansion

​On Monday, April 17, competing versions of the future of naturopathy in Colorado will duke it out in the state's Senate chambers. In one version of a bill, naturopaths are simply allowed to continue to practice in Colorado. In the other, they will be able to pump patients full of ineffective and potentially dangerous substances via IV. The health ...
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Delphi and Acupuncture

The Delphi method is a way to develop a consensus when there is uncertainly as to the best option.A panel of experts is given a problem to which there is no clear answer. They respond, and those responses are sent back for review. Everyone considers the responses and reply again.  Rinse, lather, repeat until a consensus is reached.How to ...
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Points of Interest 04/10/2017

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar commits $100m to fight 'fake news' and hate speech. I wonder if he is interested in SBM?Heart-conscious chiropractic: 'He works magic,' say patients of Grass Valley's John Mayfield. "Mayfield began attending seminars where he learned each organ is part of a person's total consciousness."Mike Adams Hits A New Low Comparin...
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