If I see a state bill I am interested in, how do I find out more? 

You can search for bills and follow them through the legislative process on the websites of the state legislatures. StateScape has a list of state legislative website links, including direct links to state legislator information.  On many of these state legislative websites you can find information about a bill’s sponsors, which committees will be considering a bill, committee hearings, and sign up for e-mail alerts to updates on a bill’s status. You can use the free legislation tracking services on Bill Track 50 and LegisScan as well.  

How do I find out more about a bill before Congress?

You can find out about bills before Congress, plus other information, on its official website and on GovTrack and Bill Track 50

How do I find out when a state legislature is in session?

This is more important than you may realize, because each state legislature meets on a different schedule.  Each has very specific deadlines for introducing and hearing legislation and for a governor's signing or vetoing a bill. StateScape has a chart of legislative sessions, including important dates for each session and whether pending bills carry over into the next year, plus other helpful information about legislative procedure.  MultiState has the most comprehensive session calendar, including introduction deadlines, cross-over deadlines (when a bill introduced in one house must make it over to the other house), carryover information (whether a bill introduced one year carries over to the next year's session), adjournment dates ("sine die") and when bills must be prefiled. Stateside has a helpful explanation of legislation carry over procedures. Stateside also has a chart of bill introduction deadlines specifically for 2016.  The National Conference of State Legislatures has a great deal of information about state legislatures as well.

How do I contact representatives in the state legislatures and Congress?

StateScape and usa.gov have state-by-state links to information on state legislators, including contact information. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senators are also on usa.gov

I don’t see listed a pro- or anti-CAM bill I think Society for Science-Based Medicine members and visitors would be interested in. What should I do?

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